At the beginning of every event is the idea and the purpose it serves. This idea needs to be translated into a plan with detailed milestones that get tracked and executed so that an extraordinary and outstanding performance is created which will remain in the fond memories of all.

To achieve this we draw from our 20+ years of experience in the industry as well as we are leveraging our global network of reliable partners.


Our aim is to create a unique event experience and land your message in an impactful way. But until then there are lots of steps to be taken – and that’s when our experience kicks in. In a brainstorming setting we develop the idea together and start thinking through the execution. A precise plan and cost calculation follows. This process builds the solid foundation of a successful event.


With meticulous planning and personal commitment we lead your project to success, that’s our accountability. We will make sure that all involved parties comply with the agreed terms and conditions, and we will follow up as appropriate. We will also make sure that financial and human resources are used in an efficient and effective way so that each and every individual involved is focused and clear on the task at hand.


A series of events is a challenge in itself. It’s all about standardisation and making the event repeatable and smooth in flow. Besides the client’s expectations also the international regulations and safety standards need to be considered and adhered to. We develop an infrastructure and a standardized process that is suitable for a series of events to ensure sustainable success.


Design as well as planning and project delivery need to go hand in hand in order to create a smart solution that works and meets your expectation. This has a lot to do with understanding your brand and the intent of your event, then our passion and creativity comes into play to realize the ambition.


Event logistics include the transportation of goods and equipment to the event location itself as well as ensuring that the right material is at the right place at the right time during the event. A precise time schedule and sequence of activities are followed rigorously to avoid delays or other consequences that should be avoided. Detailed planning and our long term experience as well as our reliable partners ensure a perfect execution.


The appearance and functionality of an event installation is key for the image. That’s why it needs to be defined and agreed in advance. Visualizations and technical drawings help this process come to life with photorealistic pictures. Furthermore, they provide important information about individual components and requirements that impact time and budget calculations.